It's 9.41am now and I haven't slept the whole night. Haha. Was supposed to meet Maclean and the rest yesterday, but I ended up sleeping all the way till 8pm. Sorry dudes =). I went to Boon Tiong's house around 11pm, and Joven came home with me around 3am or something I think. Boon Tiong and the rest had to work... So yeah. Joven's sleeping now though. Been sleeping since 5am I think. Nothing much to blog about. Actually, there's a lot of stuffs on my screwed mind right now, but I've no idea how to phrase out anything at all. All I know is, I've let down a lot of people so far, some who don't even deserve it. Sorry. To a certain someone, I hope you recover soon... =).

I've made so many mistakes in my life I doubt I can ever fully repent for them. But I'm still only 18, and there's still enough time to make up for at least some of them, I hope. I think I'll go on making mistakes though. This is stupid. For every mistake I correct, I end up making ten more at least. Great... It seems I can only hurt others, and never make them happy. People around me don't feel happy. I crack stupid jokes and no one laughs but myself. When I'm serious, I bring the mood of others down. Now I understand...

To protect someone, you may have to hurt others. But what if you end up hurting everyone? That's probably me =).

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