Wishing You... Asked

The topic has nothing to do with this post, don't bother... Anyway, I fell asleep around 5.30am or 6am just now, and I woke up around 7.15am thanks to an sms from someone. Seriously, thanks. I was having a really screwed up dream of Her. She was at my house, dressed in her school uniform and stuff. I don't want to elaborate on what happened. And in the dream, my house was exactly the same as the real house I'm living in... Even little things like the washing machine were the same. Anyway, my mother and sister were getting ready to leave the house in my dream, and my mother didn't like the idea that she was here. After they left, I went to her, and said something like "Everything's over, right?" Then she shouted and said "No! Go look at your drawers and what I've bought for you and stuffs." So I went, "But the last time we met, everything has already ended." Then she said something like "What exactly can I do?" Anyway, I asked if she has to go to school, and she said something like "Yeah, school started 29 minutes ago." In that dream, it was 9.29am. I've no idea why 29, but the date I got together with her was 28th June 2002. Interesting. Everything's so close to perfect, accurary-wise, but the date? Anyway, in that dream, when she said that I didn't know how to react. According to what I remember, I didn't have any feelings for her anymore. Moreover, when she said that, someone sms-ed me (in the dream). I never got to see who sent me the sms, as I didn't want to open it, fearing it was from *. Someone I like in the dream. She has a name, but it doesn't matter whether I type it out or not. So anyway, I woke up after REALLY getting an sms from someone. And I woke up feeling all dazed and dizzy. It felt so real. Thank goodness it wasn't... Some things will never be the same again. And now I'm fucking trying to get back to sleep, but the headache is killing me...

I go on playing the fool, just so we could keep in contact.

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