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If you really regard someone as your boyfriend, treat him with respect. Don't destroy his pride. He's literally thrown it away for you. He barely has enough cash for himself, yet he spends it on you. Do you even know about it? A little appreciation goes a long way. When I first heard about you from him, you sounded like a really sweet girl. Why the hell do you seem so different now? I wish I knew you personally, so I can actually help him right now. You don't leave a guy who goes all the way from home just to fetch you alone. You seriously think keeping quiet and showing that cold attitude of yours towards him will solve everything? He's trying so hard now, and you don't even give him any answer. I've no idea what exactly happened too, and I admit, I'm only writing this from what I've heard. All I'll say is, even if you don't respect him as your boyfriend, respect him as a human. When a stranger talks to you, basic courtesy tells you, you should reply. Tell him what's on your mind.

This Wednesday you're going to meet her. All the best! Sorry if I seem like I'm playing with your mind, but I've been through similar stuffs, although your Her and my Her seems to have completely different attitudes. Just don't let yourself down, no matter what. Good luck =).

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