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Once again, I typed out a long post only to have it lost. Damn.

For A Friend:
Hey, I honestly feel you deserve someone better, more understanding. Although I don't exactly know you well, you seem like a nice girl. Well, at least that's the impression I've of you, being classmates with you in Semester 1.1. You've to understand that you don't owe him, or anyone else anything at all. No one owns you. Why are you letting him control your everything? Your freedom, your life, and just about everything else. Come to think of it, you almost seem like you've no friends anymore. A BGR relationship might be important, but it isn't everything. You should already know that, right?

You said he's (over-)protective because he feels all guys are bastards? Well, I won't deny I'm probably one. The thing is, there're people out there, guys or girls alike, who're nice. People who treat you as a friend. Just because a guy is talking to you doesn't mean he wants to lay you. Of course, it might be true at times, but that is for yourself to judge, not him. Have some trust and faith in people, please. Honestly, I feel he's just another person who can't stand up to the realities of this world. Sorry.

Alright, before I talk too much shit, just all the best. Whether you're with him or not, I hope you get things sorted. And smile soon =). If you do cry, let it be tears of happiness =). All the best!

For My Friends & "Friends":

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