Me: "Hi, good morning."

Customer: "Hi, I'm calling in regards to my TM380. Well, not mine, it's a gift from my daughter's boyfriend to her. He bought it in Taiwan and sent it back."
[What is he trying to tell me? That her daughter has a good boyfriend?]

Me: "Ok. So what's the problem?"

Customer: "The OS is Windows XP Home Edition, but it's in Chinese. Any way I can change it to an English OS?"

Me: "Sorry, but the only way is for you to buy another Windows XP Home Edition in English, and we'll reload it for you. There's a service charge though."

Customer: "What? I'm expected to pay? Can't you just take back the Chinese one, and give me an English version?"

Me: "Sorry, we can't do that. To begin with we don't sell that model over here. Moreover, we don't bundle specific-language editions."

Customer: "Rules are made by the people. But when the time comes you should change it on a case by case basis."
[Philosopher. Selfish bastard. You're just saying it for yourself admit it. Why don't you change yourself and adapt to our rules?]

Me: "Sir, I'm sorry but we can't do that."

Customer: "Well, then I'm going to tell everyone how lousy Acer is. I'm also going to write to Ten Shi and let him know about it. Who's your big boss in Singapore? Your manager? I've met Ten Shi before you know?"
[I think he's referring to Stan Shih, who was the Chairman of Acer. If I'm not wrong, he retired at the end of last year. Anyway, I respect him for what he has done for the computing industry. But it's quite insulting when some low-lifer calls and threatens us with his name.]

Anyway, the conversation ended with me passing to my manager his number =\. I understand that when money is involved, people tend to be a bit selfish, but please learn to respect others as well. I don't need to know your philosophy, or how you live your life, or what a big shot you are. You aren't even going to be in my life anyway. Just think for a moment, what if one day, all the companies start adopting a philosophy that goes something like "Serve only the good customers. Hang up on the bad ones." Isn't it better that way?

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