My mother gave me some cash today to buy a new pair of sneakers =P. Initially I thought it was a dream as I was half-asleep when that happened, but thankfully, when I woke up, opened my wallet, there it was! Haha.

Anyway, went to school at 10.30am for a meeting. There was supposed to be a meeting at 9.30am with Mr. Clement Chew and Jeremy, but I overslept. In fact, I don't even remember how I fell asleep last night. The meeting with ESC ended around 1+pm. It was quite ok, much better than the previous one. There's this girl Janice, or something, that's really hyper. Lol ^_^.

After the meeting, I went to Tampines Mall's Converse to get my shoes. As luck would have it, it was sold out. Another design that I also liked was also sold out. So I went home, gave Tiong Guan a call, and both of us went to Bugis' Converse. Again, it was sold out. Haha. Since I won't be having much time next week, we went on to Suntec City's Converse. Sold out. Lol. We then went to Heeren's. We saw Isabel working for California Fitness. Haha. Talked for a while before going to Heeren's. Well, it's sold out as well, but they have the high cut ones. The girls working there are really sweet. As in, they smile, say thanks and whatnots in their sweet voices =). Haha =P. Anyway, I bought the high cut one, before going to Cineleisure to meet Alan for a while. He's working at Cocoon. Talked for a while before going home.

On the way home, something unexpected happened. I mean, it's a small thing, but it was nice. There's this girl who hit me accidentally while walking past. And she actually said "Sorry." Of course, I replied "It's ok.", and she actually turned around and smile. To some of you this might be nothing, I might seem like I'm exaggerating things, but it's really rare to see people like this, males or females alike. As stupid as it sounds, it actually made me smile.

So there you have it, my day. Thanks to Kelvin, Hilmi, Alan and Maclean for constantly picking up my call. LOL. Asking them "WHERE ELSE GOT CONVERSE?" =)))

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