First of all, about my previous post, I wanted to go on typing some other stuff for some of my friends and "friends", but had to rush off, thus there's nothing after "For My Friends & "Friends":". Anyway, I'll type it in this post if I feel like it, but firstly, the good things...

Yesterday was Boon Tiong's birthday! Haha. Unfortunately, only Joven and I was present =(. Kelvin had to work, while Hong Wen was on guard duty (for NS). Lol. Boon Tiong's girlfriend was also there, and the four of us somehow managed to have some great fun. We had the regular birthday cake stuff, followed by our usual drinking session.

Boon Tiong was drunk after some Black Cat. Well, we're all short on cash =(. Of course, we also had some Tiger Beer, and whatnots. Kelvin also passed Joven around 1/6th bottle of Chivas before he went for work as well. So we still had plenty to drink. Haha.

Anyway, Boon Tiong was a bit tipsy after 1/4 bottle of Black Cat, and he suggested we play some PS2 games first. In the end, we only played Winning Eleven 8, with Joven winning both of us in every game, and me losing to both of them in every game -_-. Well, the main thing is, we had fun =P.

After that we went back to drinking, playing stupid games to determine who's turn to drink. Boon Tiong was obviously drunk after finishing the Black Cat =X. Anyway, I also got quite tipsy after a while. I think only Jie Ping and Joven were "in the right state of mind". Haha. We ended up fighting, and that stupid Joven kicked my stomach so hard I had to lie on the floor for quite some time. Boon Tiong too. My shoulder area is now bruised. Lol. But it was fun =).

After everything, we went to sleep. Joven and I slept in another room from the rest. Thankfully. From what I know, it seems Boon Tiong vomitted on Jie Ping =X. HAHAHAHA. And she didn't even know it till Boon Tiong's grandmother told her about it. Loving couple =X.

Anyway, I guess that's about it. It was a fun night ^_^.

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