Random Rant

You're but a bitch living within your world, reassured by your own arrogance. You're pitiful, really. In spite of what you say IN YOUR BLOG, your "paradise", your escape, you've probably never been fucked. You've a cunt, and a pair of real boobs? Sure. Other than your own hands, who else has touched them? Stop trying to be someone you aren't. To claim you grow up on the media is downright stupid. To be proud of it is even worse. All these just to get people to read your blog? Fucking bitch.

Look, I wish you get raped on your date with a guy who lacks the conscience, I wish someone could teach you a lesson. I wish you can disappear from this world. You're a nuisance. There're bitches out there who truly enjoy fucking, and getting fucked. But you're a fucking poser. You're in the middle of nowhere. A fucked-up school girl trying to be someone she isn't, thinking it's cool and whatnots. You know what? Go get laid and upgrade yourself to a whore.

I long for the day your parents/relatives stumble across your blog, and see what a good daughter they've raised. You'll probably end up in a corner of your room and cry. I want to believe everyone has a good heart deep within, but people like you completely screw up my beliefs. I assure you this, if ever I can completely forget about the ones I love, if ever I can throw away my conscience, you won't be just fucked. It'll be more, it'll be interesting. Oh wait, it's cool, isn't it? So you probably won't mind anyway.

You speak like you're some sort of Sex Goddess, but the truth is you're just another ant in this world, another speck of dust in this universe. Talking all big and mighty when you don't even know yourself. You're the type that tries to seduce guys, only to claim you're "raped" when you're FINALLY fucked. Miss Slut wannabe =).

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