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On Monday, I was at the helpdesk, as usual. Nothing much really happened, except for one or two really irritating calls. Most of my friends already know about it =P. However, from Tuesday till today, I've been working for Acer at the Singapore American School. It's a really nice place.

When I stepped in I was rather taken aback. There's actually a gurka (don't know how to spell that) with a gun guarding the school. Anyway, once in, it felt like another world, like another city altogether. You see people of all nationalities mixing with one another, yet all talking with the same accent. Haha. The people there, from the youngest students to the oldest teachers, are mostly very friendly. I think these foreigners are really nice. They smile as you as you walk by, wish you good afternoon, regardless of age, sex, or race. Who the hell says Singapore is multi-racial? Yeah, we sure are multi-racial, in the sense that we don't have racial riots like in the past. But do we smile and greet others as we walk by? No. Even if it's the same race. It's stupid. I've tried starting conversations with males and females alike while bored (waiting in line to have a haircut, etc.), and I ALWAYS get weird looks. Like what the hell? Is it wrong if I ask how's your day?

So there you go. Anyway, SAS is literally a self-contained city. The girls there are mostly very pretty. I worked only on Tuesday and today actually, as I was sick yesterday. I was pretty much stuck with the young kids on Tuesday, but today I got a chance to walk around, and some girls are really really pretty. Anyway, the young kids are pretty fun to talk to as well. They go like, "Hey is that a new CPU?" and whatnots. Really friendly.

However, within every community there is always bound to be a black sheep I guess =(. Sadly, the black sheeps I've encountered are all Singaporeans, and even worse, they're the people I'm directly under while working for SAS. I won't elaborate too much out of respect, but some people should know their position. Making us cleaners and then telling us "You don't mind right? Since Acer is paying." is definitely not a nice comment =).

To end it off, SAS is a really nice school. Although it was just two days, I'm already missing the friendly environment in there. Really cool! Go SAS! Haha =).

On another note, I'm supposed to go to school for two meetings tomorrow. Sigh. I don't mind meetings, but sometimes it's held so late and at such a weird time it screws up your plan, completely. There goes a day of work =(.

Anyway, I met H (as usual), after work today, and we went Bugis. FFS it's been like 3 months or more since I stepped into Bugis. It was pretty fun, and we finally saw some things that we intend to buy once we get our pay. Yay.

Today Knight, one of my colleagues, told us some stuff about himself. Very nice person. The best thing he said today was probably something that goes like "The Chinese believe if you got it wrong the first time, you don't know how to do it. If someone teaches you, and you get it wrong the second time, you probably forgot. But if you get it wrong the third time, you're doing it on purpose." Haha =).

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