I think some of us here are really fake, really useless, and really detestable. A conversation between me and someone related to my ex-girlfriend went like this:

Someone: "Hi..."

Me: "Yes?"

Someone: "Can you send me Tong Hua by Guang Liang?"

Me: "Sure."

Someone: "Thanks. I heard from her that you showed her the MTV when she met you recently?"

Me: "Yeah. You do know I've nothing to do with her anymore, right?"

Someone: "Yeah. Lol."

Some other meaningless conversation took place, but basically, this person never contacts me unless she needs help.

Thanks =). For the LOL. It's funny, really. It's funny because I'm actually affected by it. But it's alright, I always tell myself to get stronger. But the fact is I'm getting colder, not stronger. Well, well. I've been trying to be nice and everything, not for YOUR (whoever you think you are) SAKE, but for myself, and my parents, and my REAL friends. I wonder what would happen if the following happened:

Girl/Boy: "Hey I just broke up with him/her..."

Me: "LOL. How did it happen?"

Use words wisely. It's bad enough there's no tone or expression when sms-ing or instant messaging, it's even worse when people use words like that without thinking. Funny? Yeah I'm fucking sensitive. At least I don't type without using my brains. You think I like making a joke out of everything? Fuck, I'm just trying to take things easy. And what do I get? People trying to bring me down. Yeah. Thanks.


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