Alright, I finally started studying around an hour ago. Finished 2 chapters so far. Damn I'm worried =(. I still have to TRY MY BEST and wake up early later, so I can send Dian off. Maybe I won't sleep. We'll see. Anyway, since I'm extremely bored right now, and I need a break from all that information I've been stuffing into my brain, I'll just rant.

To all the people out there, especially girls, who constantly blog about how proud you are of yourself (being a bitch), putting pictures of your bodies and whatnots online. You're really brave. But I'm really interested in knowing what will happen if your parents were to see your blog. Or rather, your "pride". The one who's insecure is you. Otherwise, why would there be a need to go around posting and claiming this and that? Scientists who've just discovered a really wonderful cure for a disease don't go around shouting "This cure works. Trust me!" Seriously, I really WANT and HOPE that your parents see your wonderful blog =). Maybe your father will get turned on too. But you probably won't let him do a thing to you, not because of your conscience, but because he's an ugly old man now =). Go on discriminating and insulting, and you will come to realise that you're the one running away from yourself.

On a similar note, Hilmi and I are really similar. Our ex-girlfriends left us in similar ways, "returned" to us in similar ways, both of us seek the same things, and lastly, we think alike. Anyway, not to sound insulting, but sometimes humans should know where they stand. Someone who types ii.amm.reallly.so0.damnn.cooll. shouldn't complain how typing l1k3 +h15 sucks. Haha =). Talk about hypocrites. Talk about being "understanding"! Why am I blogging about all these? Well, because I'm bored, and because I don't like this society. Everyone's so fake. They claim stuff like "See beyond my body to find the real me." on their Friendster, WhoLivesNearYou, Hi5, etc. profiles, but in real life, they're just plain attention whores. For guys, it'll be attention whorettes? LOL. Since there are dudes and dudettes, they should be whores and whorettes, right? All those feminist movement women like being equal, right? This does not apply to the TRULY WONDERFUL women who are fighting for women rights in certain countries where women are treated worse than slaves. However, in Singapore, this doesn't apply. We don't need a women rights campaign over here. Female teenagers are already taking advantage of the pathetic "No oral sex." rule here against their ex-boyfriends, when the truth is they probably enjoyed sucking the popsicle.

From the moment you were born, you weren't made to be equal with anyone, male or female. Trying to be equal to someone only shows how insecure you are. Be yourself for whatever's sake. For yourself and your loved ones. Well, it doesn't matter how sincere I sound here, or how serious I am. Because you don't care anyway.

I really hope your parents stumble upon your blog one day =). I don't care if my parents know about my blog. At the very least, I don't disgrace myself here. On the other hand, you act like you're the most perfect son or daughter in this world, only to blog about how "bitchy" or whatever in your paradise. Your escape. Your blog. I'll bet on anything that you fucking don't live up to what you claim you are in your blog, or your profiles in Friendster and whatnots. Also, you're probably the type that pushes a guy away after seducing him, or the type that fails to erect after turning a girl on =). Wait, can you even do either of that?

I'll be honest, I can't. Because my conscience stops me all the time. About knowing my limits, well, how handsome or ugly I am is up to you. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But the main thing is, if I don't have a conscience, you'll be one of the first ones on my list, for sure =). And it won't be just playing you out, I'll destroy your dreams, your everything. After all, isn't being a complete whore your dream? I know my cards perfectly well, which cards to play, and which cards to not play. After all, there're already some futures I can ruin. But then again, my conscience stops me.

Sorry this is only targetted at girls, because I'm a guy I can't possibly say I'll play a guy out emotionally or physically -_-. Lol. But for the guys who always dream of being the ultimate playboy, I really hope to see you fall =).

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