Hosting Services - D4SH

I'm going to start up a hosting service, together with my friends Dian, Hilmi and Asheeq, as soon as possible. It'll be cheap, since we're mainly targetting people around our age. Moreover, this is mostly done for our own experience. The price plans are as follows:

Basic Plan:
50MB Space
1GB Bandwidth
SGD $3 / Month

Normal Plan:
100MB Space
2GB Bandwidth
SGD $5 / Month

Website, name card, logo and other design services are also provided at additional costs. We've tentatively set the price for a basic HTML site at around SGD $80. Just HTML, nothing else. Friends who are interested in this please contact me for more information. We'll try to get things up and running as soon as possible, and more information will be posted here, and in our upcoming website once everything is finalised.

For people who are interested in what our team has done thus far, take a look at the following links.


Right-Click & Save Target As... (Around 3.0MB)

Right-Click & Save Target As... (Around 3.0MB)

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