Alright, I didn't sleep last night as I was trying my best to study, and by the time I'm "done", it's 6am. Went to Changi Airport to send Dian off to Australia! Damn it. Lucky fellow =P. Hope to see you online soon! After sending him off, Hilmi, Asheeq, Taufik and me went for breakfast at McDonald's. Anyway, the lecturer who was from the School of Design to send Dian off is really friendly. Seriously rocks!

Haha =). I've known Dian, Hilmi and Asheeq since Secondary 1, although I was only close to Dian back then. Anyway, in the 5 years(?) we've known him, this is the first time that he's going overseas for such a long period =(. 2 months without Dian, D4SH becomes 4SH. Lol =P. Asheeq don't action, not talking about you. Lol ^_^.

Hm... Alright, I guess I better resume studying COMPCOM. I'm like.. 70% done? And the paper's 7 hours form now. A bit here and there... Sigh =(. Wish me good luck!

All the best to everyone for their papers tomorrow!

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