What do you do when people who aren't involved in anything at all start interfering and giving their unnecessary comments? If it was a computer virus, you can simply remove it, if it doesn't go away, do a format, and re-install everything.

But these are humans. And among them are some I thought were friends. But all they do now is put up a fake smile and say "Hi". But I know, beneath that smile is someone even uglier than myself. But that's not so bad. Even worse, people I didn't even thought would get involved are well, involved. The worst thing is they don't even dare to tell you anything directly, and they don't even appreciate what you've done for them in the past. THANK YOU LA. With "friends" like you, who need enemies?

I believe a friend is someone who will never backstab you, whether you're on good or bad terms with him. Maybe it'll please you if you see the people who were once your friends failing and re-taking their subjects. That's how black your heart is. But it doesn't even affect you. You're but someone who cares only for himself. And to one of the people who're getting involved for no reason at all, please know that the person who should've protected you didn't even do it when needed. You don't even know anything, yet you label us as "enemies". I could've sworn I talked to you nicely over MSN Messenger last night. If you were that unhappy, tell me there and then. Don't fake everything only to whine about it on your blog. I've nothing against you, stay out of MY problems. You don't have a right to judge about anything, because you haven't even heard anything from my side. Stop listening to the one-sided bullshit and wake up.

When you "lost" your laptop during the OH Event, I actually got some of my mentors to help you find it, although we weren't exactly settled with our own stuffs. And in the end, this is how you repay us. I don't expect anything from what I've done, because I WAS only playing my part as a friend. But you, you didn't bother when you saw the people around you fighting. When you saw your own friends fighting. Now all you do is show me a fake smile. And from the moment I saw you that you weren't even affected by anything, I know, the old you is dead.

To those on the "other" side, stop your games already. It's stupid. If you were truly right, why didn't you speak up when we had the "meeting"? Why go around and spread rumours about my friends? Your stares aren't even scary. And even if they were, my conscience is clear. Also, stop trying to create conflict among my friends and I, your stupid tricks won't work. Thank you for trying. Back then, I thought you were right because sometimes you really seem pitiful when you whine and complain, but now I know, everything's an act. When your own friends had problems far more severe than yours, you chose not to do anything.

Just for the sake of saying it, I didn't use a single vulgarity in this post. And no, this post is not just targetted at you. Don't think so highly of yourself. And if you want to I would gladly put down your names as a sign of respect, since you all feel the world revolves around you. But until I get any special requests, this will be it. Why? Because you know who you are, and unlike some of you, I don't have to put your names down and whine to everyone who knows you about how bad you are, about how little effort you've put into the project. Take my group for example, Gregory, although he doesn't put in much effort when it comes to coding stuff, he puts in his effort when it comes to stuff he can do. And I know that. At the very least, he's a friend when the time comes. Unlike you, who put on a fake smile, everyday until the day of presentation, only to whine and complain to everyone. And the work done by you isn't even yours. AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I saw them doing their work. You were there too on Saturday. Even then you chose to lie your way through, and also brought along so many others with you.

That's all. To those reading this, thanks for the time. This is the kind of world I live in. Even then, there're always some good friends! And I know people who've been through far worse stuff than I do. To those people, I don't know what to say, just stay strong. You know who you are =). Good night.

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