Although I don't really watch Smallville, it has some really nice quotes. I was browsing through the net when I came across some really nice ones. The following are those that I really like, mostly because I can relate to it.

"In my experience there's no such thing as too much information." - Lex Luthor

"It's amazing how one moment can change your life forever."- Cassandra

"Life's a journey, Clark; I don't wanna go through it following a roadmap." - Lex Luthor

"You see, I don't want to do good things, I want to do great things." - Lex Luthor

"You know, just because you spend a lot of time with someone doesn't mean you know their darkest secrets." - Chloe Sullivan

"I plan on being great all by myself." - Lex Luthor

"You can learn a lot from someone you hate." - Lex Luthor

Clark: "Everyone needs a friend."
Kyle: "No they don't. Because they'll always betray you in the end."

"Relax. Failing isn't something I do." - Lex Luthor

"Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legend." - Lex Luthor

"Sometimes the right person can be right in front of your eyes and you never even know it." - Lana Lang

"Some people are meant to be alone." - Lex Luthor

"Lex learned to act on his passion, never hold anything back. I wonder if we’ll ever be able to do the same." - Lana Lang

"You see, in life the road to darkness is a journey, not a light switch." - Lex Luthor

"I've always been fighting my destiny. Trying to avoid becoming my father. But we all have certain genes that we want to change which dominate us." - Lex Luthor

"Love has a way of blinding even the sharpest minds. We don't look because we don't want to see. But once love is stripped away, we see the real person clearly. There revealed to us, with all their flaws, their foibles, and their secrets." - Lionel Luthor

"I guess we all got to take a look at our dark side sooner or later." - Clark Kent

"You think you know people, and you realize it's all just a facade." - Lex Luthor

Lois: "Call me crazy, but I've always been a firm believer that beauty... It's on the inside."
Dr. Fine: "The people that say that are the ones who already have it on the outside."

Lex: "There's a darkness in me that I can't always control. I'm starting to think that's my curse, why every relationship I have ends badly."
Clark: "We all have a dark side, Lex."
Lex: "Yeah. But I can feel mine creeping over the corners. Your friendship helps keep it at bay. It reminds me that there are truly good people in the world. I'm not willing to give up on that."

"I know, I know where you’re coming from. It’s a place of anger and mistrust. But it’s not too late. It’s not. There’s still time to get off the path that can only lead to darkness." - Lionel Luthor
Source: http://www.angelfire.com/tv2/totw/

I guess that's about it =).

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