D4SH + Taufik

Went out with Dian, Hilmi, Asheeq, and Taufik just now. And it's very important to all of us! Why? Because Dian, is leaving for Australia on the 25th, at 9.30am for his OSIP. Way to go! So basically, we won't be seeing him for 2 months, and thus, tonight is probably the last night we'll get together, until he returns.

Anyway, I finally got a ride in Asheeq's car. It was fun! A lot of fun =P. Well, the only downside was I had to be sick with flu =(. Hm, I'll talk more about the outing tomorrow or something. But for now, thanks for the great "trip" guys! Haha =).

On another note, I'm screwed. I have yet to study for COMPCOM =(.

Alright, good night, sweet dreams =).

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