Some people have lives so smooth yet they whine all the time. They care only about themselves, deserting their friends once they get what they want. They claim that things are fine, that everything will be resolved, only to go around backstabbing you. Even worse, those who are influenced by these fuckers' bullshit are actually people you considered friends. You didn't even turn up for a friend who really needed support at that time. You disappeared. What was your reason?

I don't even want to hear it, because I already know. It's either "I've to study.", or "Busy. Got to go out with friends." or something similar. Honestly. Selfish bastards. As a sign of respect, I won't elaborate any further on this. I just hope the friend who needed support is much better now.

All I know is, when your friends needed you, you weren't there. Not once, not twice, but all the time. You don't even give a damn. Not just you, but you too. Nice phrase, eh? In fact, I feel ashamed I'm even bothered by dust such as yourself.

Your friends had faith in you, doing things they felt was right for you. What did you do?

Stop sinning only to confess each week, it's bullshit.

Backstabbing is really trendy nowadays. Thank goodness I don't follow trends, or I might end up being a disgrace to my parents.

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