Hello, I wanted to blog yesterday but couldn't seem to access www.blogger.com -_-. So I ended up typing in Notepad. The problem is, I decided to stop halfway. Lol. Anyway, here's what I typed yesterday:

Alright, I've been trying to blog for the past few hours, but I can't access www.blogger.com at all. So here I am, typing this shit on Notepad, trying to kill some time. Although there's a lot of things I must somehow fix/settle, I'm really tired and lazy right now. It's 9am right now, and I've been up since 3am or so. Actually I woke up once at 8pm, but then i fell asleep again.

Well, I slept the moment I got home from school yesterday, around 3pm or so =). Before that, I stayed up the entire night due to the extremely long afternoon "nap". Then without sleeping, I went to school for some meeting at 9.15am. Thanks to Wee Quan for fetching me =P. I was watching anime and lost track of time. If it wasn't for WQ I would have wasted $5 or so, taking a cab down instead. The "meeting" ended around 12pm, and by then I was dead tired. Anyway, it was regarding my SIP project, and damn, it's really tough. I've to start reading up on a lot of things... Sigh, so much for holidays.

So there you have it. Back to sleep, good night.

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