Hey you there, thanks for blocking me on MSN Messenger. A quick check with any tool online shows that you're in fact online, but you've blocked me. How insulting. Damn. I thought everything was over? Why then do I see weird posts on people's tagboards? On Maclean's, on Wayne's, on Tiffany's. I don't know what games you all are trying to play, considering you even got your own side involved. Either way, I don't particularly care about some of the people who were involved, but if a friend of mine like Maclean is involved, I think it's time for things to stop.

To a certain someone, I could've sworn you told me you will tell them to stop everything, what the hell is this then? The tempers on both sides are rising, largely due to a lot of misunderstandings? LOL. More like backstabbing. For fuck's sake, stop this foolish shit. You don't even dare to tag with your name, or nickname that everyone knows you by. Talk about cowards =).

Anyway, before I dirty this blog any further with trash like them, if you intend to call someone Fat Ass, look at your own pathetic size =). A fat ass can own a lanky fellow like you any day. But guess what, you're going to complain to a teacher, and lie and tell everyone how they didn't do their work. And you're going to get all the support you need, because you can't stand alone. And to think I shook your hands back then as a sign of peace. Liar =). This pathetic game you all are playing isn't even worth a try, you only win with the help of cheats. Count me out, I rather lose in a game whereby cheating and backstabbing is the only way to "win". Whereby licking your teacher's ass is one of the more important skills. Whereby staring without doing anything is really cool.

And to the same certain someone, don't bother calling me to settle anything again, unless you actually mean it. I REALLY treated you as a friend, but you had to betray my trust. And to the fuckers around him who are probably going to say I'm acting, go ahead. I've no interest in you. Redundant is the best word to describe you all.

To people who are really trying to stay friends and neutral at the same time, people like Rayhan and Wai Kit, thanks =). You're all good friends. Too bad the current situation doesn't allow us to talk as we used to, but I'm sure the day will come once everything is over.

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