15 Minutes More

Hey people, 15 minutes more and it would've been the 26th month with her, if I'm still with her :(. I know I shouldn't be counting down this, but sometimes you can't help but remember.

The Longest 15 Minutes Ever
Just 15 minutes more
It would've been 26 months
But 15 minutes more
And I would have to accept
That we've already broken up

I wouldn't be able to hear your voice
Wouldn't hear you wishing me
Wouldn't be able to thank you
Would't hear you thanking me

Just 3 months ago
I was hugging you
But 3 months later
You've forgotten me
And I can't help but admit
That I still think of you sometimes
- August 27, 2004

Alright, going to take a bath and I'm off to my friend's house :). Check this out... :)

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