Damn Dreams

Sigh, I just woke up, after having some dreams that will surely wear me out emotionally one day. I dreamt that I contacted my ex-girlfriend, and scolded her for not even giving a damn about being friends after we broke up, I also asked if we could have a date. Then somehow either she or I hanged up the phone. I then tried calling her numerous times, and each time her mother picks it up, saying she's asleep or something. The next thing I got, I got a VIDEO message from her parents, saying their daughter's very happy now, and told me not to disturb her. The video showed my ex-girlfriend smiling happily while having dinner with her family and stuff. The next thing I know, I saw this girl, who ISN'T my ex-girlfriend, but somehow, she was the girl I actually scolded over the phone, and I went to apologise to her. She says it's alright, and asks if we're still going out. I said "No, since you aren't the girl..." or something like that. Next thing I know, I'm calling my ACTUAL ex-girlfriend and talking to her. What happened in the dream was exactly what happened in real life after I broke up with her. She talked normally, as though nothing happened, but each time I bring up the past she gets angry and stuff. I don't know what happened next.

Sigh, I wish these dreams would stop sometimes... Sometimes I've dreams of me smiling happily together with her, and then I wake up, it's all gone. Then again, I do... Miss her at times. Maybe these dreams exist to remind me of her, to remind me of the lessons learnt. I don't know. I've school at 12... Got to prepare soon.

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