Hey people, I just got back home, after having lunch with my friends. Had a fun night with my friends (Boon Tiong, Kelvin, Hong Wen, & Joven). Thanks guys :). Anyway, today's a day I really don't look forward to, but I've to face it I guess. Yesterday, I asked my mother why my ex-girlfriend hasn't called me at all since we broke up, especially when she said she still wants to be friends. My mother said it's close to impossible to remain friends, after spending so much time together as a couple. I don't know, seriously. I still miss her a little here and there, now and then. But I've already accepted most stuffs, like she's no longer with me and stuff already. Is it that hard being friends? Damn it, my sister has been listening to Jill Hsu's "I Wanna Be With You". My ex-girlfriend loved this song a lot. Haha, she always wanted me to play this song whenever she's at my house, and she would sing along. I've to admit, it's a nice song, but it reminds me of her too much. The lyrics (taken from nuchin.com)...

mei li qi zong shi lan yang yang de
lai zhao ni huai ni wan pi xi xi
shi gai zuo xie shi xin li you tian mi de
bu xiang yao bu xiang yao zheng kai yan jing
wo he ni pin luu ru ci jie jin
mei ya li zi zai zuo wo zi ji
di yi ci gan shou zhe zhong ai de jue xin
zhi xiang yao zhi xiang yao he ni yi qi
i wanna be with you ai ni hao xing fu
xiang yao he ni jian zao yi ge ai de xiao wu
i wanna be with you ai ni hao man zu
xiang shou zui tian mei de shu fu you ni de he hu wo bu zai gu du

Anyway, I talked to a friend of hers yesterday, seems that she's been doing fine :). She says that my ex-girlfriend doesn't really talk about that new guy though, and that's because the guy is supposedly always busy... I wonder. It also seems that I haven't been mentioned in any of their conversations, as though I've never existed in her life. Sort of sad... Sometimes I really wonder if the girl who was with me, is really gone. What happened to that sweet little girl? Fairy tales can't exist in this world... Can they? Anyway, here's a recent picture I took of myself, just posting for the fun of it... Lol... :).


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