Thanks To Melv/Sarah?

Please visit his/her site as he/she's been really nice to link me, although he/she doesn't even know me. Click here to visit it. Sorry I don't know what's his/her gender yet. Lol. I'll add the site to the quick links section once I have his/her name ^_^.

Edit: I just checked out her site. Somehow her nickname's Melvin (No offense, but I've always thought of Melvin as a guy's name), but yes, she's a girl. ^_^ Added to Quick Links ^_^.

On a side note, I got into the Director's List (Top 10%) for my course :D.


Melv said...

Thanks to you! for makin my blog a link and and and...for goin to my website (people never seem to go there cause it kinda sucks cause it's a geocities website and i'm too stupid to use html to make a cool one) :) HAVE A HAPPY DAY PEOPLE!

Jason Mulgrew said...


h8 said...

Haha why hilarious?