The Fact You're Good Makes It Worse

Hi, it's 1am or so, and I was browsing through my past writings when I came across this.

I tried to forget you
Even though it's impossible
Knowing that, I still tried
At least I might get over you

I can't accept the fact
That everything was just an act
Why did you have to do this?
Did I ever offend you on purpose?

You told me about your past
Your past relationships and problems
Even though I really wanted to have you
I hid it and tried my best to help

Now it seems that you deserve them
Those sufferings, those pains
The wound you inflicted on me
Is so deep, it will never heal

The wound bleeds forever
And I will forever remember you
But I won't remember your truths
For you never told me any

Now I am still fooling myself
Telling myself that I will forget you
But I can't even get over you
And this is thanks to your perfect acting

So I cut myself physically
To forget about the pain emotionally
Yet all this is only temporary
For I have lost myself eternally
- May 24, 2002

Anyway, I'm talking to Nicholas online right now. Nice fellow to talk to. Do check out his blog :).

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