Whiner's Post

Damn it, today's a really shit day. First I woke up with that damn dream... Then, around 8pm or so, some stupid neighbour of mine came to complain, saying I turn my speakers on too loud. Damn it. I only did it for one night. I must admit it's my fault, but that neighbour seriously has some fucked up attitude. Forget it. As though that's not bad enough, I had to find my certificates (whatever they are), in order to hand in my APEL portfolio tomorrow. AND WHILE FINDING THEM, I had to FIND THIS piece of work I made for my ex-girlfriend. It's really nice... But I don't want to see it anymore... Sigh. Life really sucks. Sometimes you put in lots of effort, but you don't even get recognized. Be it school or personal life, it's all the same...

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