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Hey people, here I am again. Tomorrow's my school's CCN Day! CCN = Campus Care Network. I'll probably be at the basketball court selling drinks. Haha :P. Ok, enough of light stuff, here's some serious things...

I realised, that everyday in our lives, something special always happens. It's whether we notice it or not. It can be something especially good, something especially bad, something especially fun, the list goes on. Most of the time, we take the good things for granted, not even realising they happened. Yet, when it comes to the bad stuff, we whine over it, complain, whine again, and go on crapping, even when you reach home, you complain about it over the phone, over IM chats, everywhere. You know, if you actually bother to stop whining and start thinking, you'll probably find that most of the bad things aren't even bad, and some are funny to begin with. It's how you view things. Also, some things aren't what they seem to be... Some friends aren't really friends :). Bah, that's common knowledge already.

Anyway, I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post, but I think there's this really cute 15-year-old girl living in my block. I was coming out of the lift when she wanted to rush into it, while carrying/hugging (wrong word?) her dog. She nearly banged into me, quickly said sorry, and made way for me. I went out of the lift, turned around, and she was there smiling really sweetly :P. I told her to take care and have fun, then I left. Bah, it's nothing special, but things like this makes me smile. Oh ya, she's pretty too. Too bad she's young :(.

Ok, back to today. I gave 5 a call just now, and spent some time talking to her. Well, before you start scolding me for giving a girl a number, it actually means something :). Maclean and the rest would understand. Anyway, we were basically just talking about how's life's been and stuff, when I asked her how's things between her boyfriend and her. You see, her boyfriend is overseas right now (I've no idea how long he has been overseas, but the last time I talked to her was around 2 weeks or so ago.), and he hasn't been contacting her for a long time already. So I asked if he's called her and stuff, and she seemed sort of sad when I did that. Although she said she doesn't care anymore, I think she really does. After all, she's with him for like 4 years or so already... I just wish that guy would give her a call soon. Make her happy or something, at least. Anyway, there was some miscommunication between us, and we ended up talking about other things. I feel like a complete bastard talking to someone who's attached, when I personally do like her a bit. I don't know, really. I wish I could help in some way... But I can't help if she doesn't say a thing... Maybe I'm just thinking too much. Anyway, she seems to be a really sweet girl, so those of you who are reading this, please wish for her happiness or something. Alright, see you people later. Take care :).

Crying The Lie
Just another day has passed by
You're still on my mind
Can't believe how time flies
Still can't forget your eyes
Just like I still remember your lies
Was everything just a disguise?
It really came as a surprise
Why did we have to say goodbyes?
Now I'm left with nothing but whys
When again will I rise?
Will it be before my heart dies?

We used to look at the bright blue sky
Everyday just you and I
Yet you just fell for another guy
And no matter how much I try
You just wanted to say bye
Why then did you have to cry?
What are you trying to imply?
Who will you be come next July?
And no matter how much I deny
No matter how much I lie
I can't help... but just cry
- August 26, 2004

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