The Day Before

Dian came my house around 2.30pm or something, and we were supposed to go to Kelly Services (some working agency) to apply for the job at Boon Tiong's workplace. Boon Tiong told me his boss already said it was ok, and all we had to do is apply and whatnots. So before we left, I gave this person working at Kelly Services a call. He said it's not possible for us to work till just the end of November. He wanted us to work till the end of December. When I went on to tell him what Boon Tiong's boss said and stuff, he gave me a "No". Not only that, he was really sarcastic. Fucking hell. Thankfully I still have a job at Acer.

In the end, I went back to sleep while Dian played CS on my computer. I gave Boon Tiong a call, and he said he would call me again but he didn't. Guess he's too busy :(. Dian left my house around 5pm, and I slept till 6pm. Gave Andrew a call and found out they were in the CENT room. Met them in Tampines at 7.20pm for dinner. Andrew went home after that, leaving only me and Rayhan. We went to 77th Street as I wanted to buy a cap. After that, I saw Dian and Hilmi. I asked Rayhan to join us but he had to go home. So it's left with Dian, Hilmi, and me. We walked around somemore, and Dian bought some air freshener stuff for his room. Can't remember the brand. Lol. Then we sat somewhere outside Century Square, after getting Big Gulp, and started talking. I can't remember if it's before or after that, but we went to Challenger and saw $42 outside! At the top of the escalator that was going down. All 3 of us was stunned, and just when we went to pick it up, the security guard took it and called someone in front of us. He asked if it's his money, and that guy said yes. I DON'T BELIEVE THOUGH. He looks so stunned, and he didn't even check his pocket or his wallet. Fuck. We got robbed, literally. Anyway, we walked around searching for money after that, as we had nothing better to do. Back to the chatting session, Hilmi and me talked about lots of stuff relating to our previous relationship. Lol. Sad yet funny. Had some really good laughs. Dian simply sat there and listen :P.

After that, we walked around somemore, looking for money. Then Dian and Hilmi came up with this stupid idea to push the McDonald's statue down. And they did it. After that, we all ran, with me going first :X. Haha. Poor McDonald's. Dian was excited enough to literally push it without any support. Luckily, Hilmi supported it down, and no loud noise was made as a result. Went on looking for money and whatnots, talked somemore, before we all left. I went home, while Hilmi went to Dian's house. Haha. Been a long time since I enjoyed a night this much ^_^. Really fun.

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