Finally It's Over

Alright, the examination period is finally OVER. Over. Over. Now it's time for some slacking, before I start working. OADES was ok, especially when the Section B was so damn similar to the project. And it's open book, and I had my project report with me :). So I basically copied the thing down ^_^. Anyway, most of the CENT gang had my project report too, and most of them said it helped them. Glad I did something useful :).

Anyway, we played soccer after the paper, and the sun was really burning us. Before the game even started I was already sweating. Lol. Played for an hour or so, then we went to have lunch at Short Circuit. Some of them went to the CENT room though. After that, we went to the arcade in Century Square... AGAIN. Lol. And I made this one stupid screwed up completely retarded mistake. Andrew and the rest were racing why I was waiting for my turn. Then this two girls came to me. One of them started talking to me, in a not exactly polite manner. I heard her asking "Mind if we join you for the game?" So I replied "Ya sure." Then she took out her handphone, and passed it to me. I was like, "Huh?" She replied, "Your number?" Only then did I realised they wanted my number from the start, I heard wrongly. Since I already said yes I can't go back on my words, so ended up giving them. Sigh. Their attitude was rather shitty, and I don't even want to comment on their looks. Anyway, Gregory later told me they're always talking big, saying stuff like "Let's call XYZ down and settle ABC business." loudly in Hokkien. Damn it. HAHAHA. One of them is so short and small-sized I could've walked into her without realising it... The other one, er... King Kong. Alright, that's as far as I'm going :p.

I left the arcade after an hour or so to find Maclean and some others. They were sitting around and talking, while I fell asleep -_-. Anyway, woke up with a headache :(. Went to KFC after that, and I only had a drink. Larry lent me money for it. Lol. I'm completely broke after 5 days of arcade-ing. Went home after that, fell asleep, and woke up with a headache. And here I am now :P.

Anyway, was on the phone with my father just now, talking about some stuffs. My mother and him are finally on talking terms. And my father even invited my mother over his house for lunch, together with us, one of these days. No idea if my mother's going to go though. Also talked to him about myself, and he told me this "Don't play others, nor let others play you." in Chinese. Haha. Talked about other stuffs which I am too lazy to post about.

All these while I've been walking forward while looking at the past every single day. I'm walking backwards, towards the future, holding on to the past. All these, just to remember you. Just for the memories. No. All these, to remind myself what a fool I was. Eternity doesn't exist, that's why we should treasure relationships. But I was dumb enough to believe in eternity, just like you did. And we ended up not treasuring each other, and everything fell apart, just like us. Just like you. Just like me. Falling apart.

All these while... Why?

Are you sad? No, there's nothing to be sad about.

Then are you happy? No, nothing to be happy about either.

Then? No idea.

I'm tired of seeing your mask, take it off and show me the real you.

I'm simply a product of this society, just like you are.

Alright, enough crap from me. Take care :). Oh ya, today I was leaving school when I saw an old friend. Talked to him and he simply ignored me and talked to someone else :). How nice of you dude.

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