Lol. Was playing this game called "N" just now. It's a 2D game. But it's very fun :P. Download it here. Do play it ^_^.

Watched Inu Yasha episodes 166 and 167 just. The anime has finally ended, but the story hasn't :(. It'll be continued in the manga. Sigh :(. Nice show. I didn't realise how long the show has been running until the end. It's 4 years! Haha :P.

Ok, for some retarded reason I feel happy now, thus the title of this post. Anyway, any of you played any real fun games recently? I don't care how old the game is ^_^. Please let me know. I'm dying from boredom :(. Hope I can start working soon... If Acer doesn't call me I'm screwed :(.

Bah. Please get well soon, you know who you are :). Hope you get to read this soon ^_^.

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