Great Sleep. Maybe...

Thanks to Dian, I ended up sleeping at 7am or something :P. He went on playing Counter-Strike: Source, and whatnots, all the way till I woke up at 11.15am. Lol. I was supposed to meet Chin Ming, Roy, and Jin Yuan at 11am at Bedok Swimming Complex. To swim. Lol. So I quickly prepared and left sometime around 11.30am or something. Reached the swimming complex at 12pm... Left around 1.30pm. Basically that's it. Reached home around 2.30pm, and slept.

I dreamt of many things just now, some nice, some not. I know for sure the last dream, as far as I can remember, before I woke up, involved my ex-girlfriend. It felt so real. Anyway, Dian was supposedly at my house in that dream, and I was sleeping (in the dream). Then my handphone rang and it was my ex-girlfriend. Dian woke me up, passed the handphone to me, and my ex-girlfriend wished me good luck for the coming examinations. The next thing I know, I'm awake. Really weird... Come to think of it, she's probably having, or going to have, her examinations soon. Anyway, it was a good sleep nonetheless, save the last dream. Actually it's also sweet, just that it's over... Dreamt of some stuffs that I wished were real... :(.

Since I've time right now, just going to write something... There was this girl I knew back... She's impossible to understand. She cried when her hamster died, cried when she quarrelled with her friends, but she breaks guys' hearts like nothing :). Lol. She probably doesn't even feel a thing. Changes boyfriends like nothing too. Don't fucking... Call it love.

Guess that's it for now, take care people :). Will add more if I can :).

Damn it I think I just got someone into trouble by sms-ing too much :(. Sorry. Hope you have a good sleep, although you probably won't see this...

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