Eternal Dumbness

Went out with Maclean, Andrew, Jin Yuan, Roy, Gregory and Jessica today. Met them late, as usual. It's a hidden talent of mine to wake up late somehow. Even if I wake up early, I end up meeting people late. Even the cab doesn't help! Haha. Anyway, we played air hockey, and we were really violent. Actually I wasn't violent, but somehow I hit it hard enough for that damn thing to fly and hit an innocent girl on the head. Lol. I ended up apologising. Everyone who was involved had a good laugh. Well well. Girl, I've no idea what your name is, but if by some chance you see this, SORRY! Haha.

After that we watched White Chicks. Really funny movie. Had a good laugh. Basically that's it. No idea what else to type. I'll update or something when I feel like it. Take care people :).

Edit: Dian is even dumber. He's stuck at some bus-stop near his girlfriend's house, and has no cash to take a cab home. So I told him to take a cab to my house, and I'll pay for him. Lol, be thankful I sold my XBox :P. Waiting for his call now. Lol. DUMB FUCK :X.

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