Human Nature - Cruel

You can say love's forever
And find it never stays
In you I've recovered
The one thing that must remain

I'm tired of a world undone
I've figured out you're my setting sun


It's cruel
The way I'm needing you
I guess I'll play the fool
It's my heart, not my mind and it's taking over
Suddenly it's true
No longer can I choose
It's in you I'm defined and there is no other

Oh it's Cruel
Oh it's Cruel

I can hold back emotions
Get lost in a maze
But this urgency tells me
I just can't refrain

Dreams have come and passed me by
But now it's time to redefine


I've seen it come and go so many times
But this is critical - the truth I can't hide
And I don't know why


Nothing much happened today. Lazy to blog. On another note, I'll be working at Acer tomorrow. Helpdesk. Lol :D. Money money! Good night people :).

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