When with Maclean and the rest of the CENT people, he's bossy and has a serious attitude problem. He tries to be nice at times but gets really frustrated easily. Insane urge for power and control. Tends to disturb Gregory too much. He's almost like a toy. He knows it's wrong. Sorry Gregory. Shows serious attitude problem to Maclean at times, although Maclean has a perception problem too. Treats everyone else fairly ok, although his temper really sucks to the core.

When with Kelvin and the rest of the "hia dis", and Alan and Fatimah, he's like a small boy. Often laughed at for being clumsy. Has a short temper to most of them too. Often does stupid coin tricks and useless magic stuff to amuse others, although the only one laughing in the end is himself.

When with someone he really likes, he's a complete loser. Heart over mind, completely irrational. Does things on impulse, no sense of direction. Instead of being concerned, he's worried. Instead of being protective, he's doubtful.

I'll add more to it when I think of more. Bye.

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