Happiness Within Sadness

Went out with Asheeq, Hilmi, and Dian yesterday. Not really went out, but I went to meet them after work. We ate at Burger King, and lots of shit happened. It all started with this auntie who took ASHEEQ's coupons from our table without even asking, I think. Then many stuffs happened, and Hilmi laughed till he opened his stupid mouth and all his food came landing on me. I wiped it off, and Hilmi helped too. After that, somehow, he and Asheeq started laughing. Hilmi managed to drop the tissue onto someone else's leg. Lol. Anyway, had lots of laughter, although I am really dead tired. The chest pain is subsiding, but it comes back once in a while.

After that, I got a call from Her, and I'm glad she tried. But the answer is not a yes, nor a no... She still wants time. I suppose I need more time too. Lots of things going through my mind now. Rather, I don't know what's going through my mind now, I guess I'm really lost.

Bah. Guess I'll play some more CS with them later...

Good luck to all taking supplementary papers next week! Study hard, never give up!

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