X Japan = Legend

Alright, today (or rather, yesterday) was another day of studying. As usual, I think I played and slacked more than I studied. Even then, I managed to finish one chapter, plus revised the first two chapters slightly. So it's all good. I am somehow going to finish up three chapters later on, no matter what. Actually I should be able to do it, in fact, all of us can. But we are too restless -_-. Ask Maclean and Gregory, who spent more than an hour or so watching some cute videos :P. It was fun though. I'm not going to say what Mr VP wanted to watch. Or watched. HAHA. Anyway, just finished working out to de-stress myself a bit.
Hope I dream of you tonight... ^^
Hm, going to sleep soon. I think this is the first time this week I'm sleeping before 2am. Yay for YC :D. When I wake up, it's going to be study time, all the way! Damn it, I MUST STUDY. Damn my stupid lazy attitude. Argh :(. Good night sweet dreams! Hope all my friends do well for their examinations!

Anyway, I just finished watching X Japan's Last Live... It's really nice and touching. You could see the tears on the faces of everyone, from the fans, to the X Japan members themselves. I mean, X Japan is like their life, and this is their last performance and stuff. Moreover, Yoshiki and Toshi have been childhood friends, yet they're now splitting up. The reason was because Toshi wanted to leave the band for some personal reasons :(. That was in 1997. And hide died on the following year, May 2, 1998. Initially it was thought that he committed suicide, but there're various other explanations. However, we'll never know which one is the truth... :(. He's a really good guitarist, and very influential. In fact, I think the whole X Japan is influential. They started visual "kei" too. Most of the members have also contributed largely to the public... :(. It's really sad every time I think that this band no longer exists. I wish I was born a few years earlier so I can see them "Live", or at least wait for their new albums or something. Anyway, the Last Live was really really good, and it ended with them playing "Endless Rain", my favourite X Japan song of all time. Respect X Japan.

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