I seriously have issues studying beforehand. When it's last minute studying, I'm able to cramp lots of information into me somehow, and somehow still pass slightly. But if I'm studying beforehand, I tend to slack, joke, sleep, etc. etc. But thankfully, I managed to finish 2 chapters of Math today! But in that long amount of time, I should've at least finished 3 chapters... :(. Bah. I tried :P. Anyway, I'm going to sleep in a while... :D. Eating Chips 'N More now :P. Bah I wish I could give them to someone else ^^. But it's late at night and I'm short on cash to take a taxi or anything... Lol :P. Anyway, best saying of the day comes from Yiren.

yiren <--- a shadow, a shade, a memory. says:
we are sexually deprived

Learning To Be Steady. Respect X Japan. says:
i am not

yiren <--- a shadow, a shade, a memory. says:
haha yeah right

Yeah he's deprived :X.

Edit: CHECK THIS OUT. A 8500 CALORIE SANDWICH. http://myhighhorse.com/index.html

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