Random Crap

I Judge A Book By Its Cover
If you don't judge a book by its cover, then how are you going to judge it? Its contents? To begin with, the cover has to be attractive enough to attract you, so that you can even begin to read the contents. Put that aside, how long are you going to take to finish reading a book? By the time you finish reading it, you might be bored of the book already. In that case, your judgement would be wrong and prejudiced. Even if you're not bored, what makes you so sure you read the book and interpreted it the way it's meant to be? What if the book isn't what you think it is? You see, even before reading the book, you already made some judgement, what you think the book would be like and such. People who tell me they don't judge a book by its cover at all, are either, good liars, or pure people.

Damn Myself
Yesterday I had some stupid dream of my ex-girlfriend again. I think I talked to her on the phone or something... When I woke up, I immediately looked for my handphone, thinking it was a real thing. Only after a while did I realise it was a dream. Damn, it's time to move on already, my dear brain, please stop dreaming of the past.

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