I'm Tired, Really. I Wish Things Weren't So Unfair.

My dear group, I seriously feel like just reporting you all to the teachers. What have you all done? Nothing. I know, I'm not a very good leader. Yes, I fucking need anger management. But why don't you try being the leader, and teach me, while I simply ignore you and talk about games. Have you all ever volunteered to do anything? No. When I delegate jobs, how many of you actually get it done? Almost none. Where do you get the information from? You simply copy and paste from the websites. Take PCOMSYS for example. I told each of you to do one part each. And I even gave you all the easy parts. Step 1 to 4 was done by you guys, while I did step 5 and 6. What happened? None of you actually bothered to write a report, you all simply copied from some websites. One of you even did NOTHING. Fucking hell, GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE GROUP. Why don't you people trying doing steps 5 and 6? Ended up, what happened? I stayed up till 5am just to finish up the report, while you guys stayed up till 2am PLAYING YOUR FUCKING GAMES. Did you even message me asking if I needed help? No. Friends? My ass. Other than Maclean, who actually messaged me and asked if I needed help?

Even Boey, our MAP teacher, feels that you all are just spectators. He told one of our classmates that, and he told me :). No names are needed here. The fact is you people are spectators. While other groups split up the MAP project into various portions, such as one person doing the LCD display messages, while another one does the input and output functions, etc., you people simply sit around me and watch me. Even worse, you sit around me and talk about your fucking games. If you don't want to help, fine. Don't disturb me. When I asked you to do, what did you say? "I don't know." "I don't understand." FUCK YOU. You think I was born knowing all these? I took the time to read through everything, from Seminar 1 to Seminar 10, from Lab Sheet 1 to Lab Sheet 6, just to understand how things work. It took me an hour or so. MAP lasts for 4 hours each session. And 4 sessions or so have past and you haven't done a shit to help me. Is taking 1 hour out of that 16 hours just to read something that difficult?

Even now, I stay up late every night just do try and finish up the OAD and MAP codes. Who's going to get the marks? YOU. YOU ARE FUCKING GOING TO GET THE MARKS WHEN YOU'VE DONE NOTHING. Have I ever once whined? Have you all ever bothered to take your own initiative and just read up and at least TRY to help? No. Then you expect me to explain to you? To be honest, I RATHER HELP ROY than help you people, although he's not from my group. AT LEAST he listens. You ask for my help, I explain, you don't understand, and you blame me? Why don't you blame yourself for not doing any revision at all?

I delegated some tasks to you all yesterday. One of you was supposed to do the MAP codes. All I asked of you was to find out how to fix that unneeded infinite loop. And I just talked to you online, and what have you done? Nothing. You're still downloading the IDE. Good. So I told you, to help me draw the class diagram for our OAD report. And you complain and whine, saying it's tough and stuff. HELLO? THE CLASS DIAGRAM ISN'T EVEN 10% of the overall project? Why don't you come and do the coding? I'm doing the coding, the collaboration diagram, use-case diagram, EVERYTHING else. ALL I AM ASKING IS FOR ONE FUCKING CLASS DIAGRAM. Never mind this.

Another one of you was supposed to try out the ESD circuit. At least you tried. I"m glad. But you didn't make it work. I hope you can get it to work by tomorrow so we can integrate everything together. And who has actually volunteered to help in the ESD report? Have I said anything? I've to fucking finish by TCS by Wednesday, OAD and ESD by Thursday. And I'm doing the reports and compilations for all of them. Want to take over me? Thankfully the TCS group isn't with you guys.

Fucking anti-socials with no morals at all. No conscience... I hope we get to change groups next semester. Good luck to you people and your new groups then.

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