Pride & Ego

Was chatting with Andrew online just now, when we were talking about how much pride and ego means to us, and to some of our friends. Anyway, Andrew is similar in a way to me in that we don't really have a big ego. We give way when needed, help when others seem to need it, and stuff. However, some of our friends (you know who you are), have a really big ego. I do respect them for really being able to stand alone, and stuff, but what I would want to ask them are the following questions...

1. If your pride is going to make you lose friends, is it worth it?
2. Is it that hard to help someone just because you don't want to seem to be of a "lower rank"?
3. Is is that hard to apologise?
4. Why do you even care about pride, if you seriously don't care what others think about you?

Alright, I guess I'll leave it as that. Once again, I've no intentions of starting any conflict. So if I do, pardon me. Take care people! :)

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