Rhythm Of Two Hearts
My heart is broken but it still beats
A steady rhythm filled with sadness
Will I ever see you on the streets?
If I do, will I plunge into madness?

Your heart is frozen but it still beats
A steady rhythm filled with hatred
Will you acknowlege me if we meet?
If you do, in your heart am I dead?

Our hearts used to beat together
With happiness and sadness, smiles and tears
But yours changed, like the weather
How did it happen, after 2 years?
- September 05, 2004

Trash Friends
Don't act like you know me
Because you very well don't
You called me your brother
But the truth couldn't be further

Didn't help when I needed it
Because you didn't give a damn
You acted like you tried
But it was obvious you lied

Don't ask me for help again
Because I don't want to help
I considered you a friend
But all you did was depend

Don't try to lie anymore
Because I don't want to deny
I really want to hate you
Say bye and fuck you
- September 05, 2004

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