1/2 Dead

Damn it I've a Math test in like 10 hours or so and I haven't even started studying. It's already 12.20am, and I'm still slacking. Fuck. Why can't I be more motivated to study? I came home around 3pm yesterday, and watched Inu Yasha till around 5pm. Then I slept till 9pm, and wasted my time online till 10pm. Instead of studying, I went to work out till 11pm. As though it's not late enough, I took a short nap till around 12am, and finally went to bathe. And here I am now, still unprepared. Fuck. Anyway, during the 5pm to 9pm nap, I had a lot of dreams. One of them was me going clubbing and hooking up with two girls? Weird. I don't go clubbing to begin with. Another dream was me meeting up with my ex-girlfriend, and lots of bad things happened. Basically I asked her for one more chance and was denied and insulted. Weird. Whatever. Alright, time to REALLY study. Damn. What time will I get to sleep :(.

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