Undecoded Message

Maclean would know what the title means. Haha =(. Anyway, spent the whole of Saturday sleeping. Wanted to workout, but was too lazy. Went to Boon Tiong's house around 8.30pm for some stuff. Don't know how to explain it, but yeah =). I also tried to fix up Boon Tiong's computer, but that damn CD I brought wasn't working! Anyway, I remembered lots of stuff when I saw Boon Tiong and Jie Ping behaving so lovingly ^_^. Kelvin came to my house after that, and he's currently sleeping. USING MY BLANKET AND PILLOW TOO. Damn. I spent the past hour or so playing N, and I'm still stuck at Level 7, Epuisode 3. Argh!

Just got an sms from someone who just woke up from a nightmare. Lol... :P.

Bah, I should sleep soon... Got to go to Jie Ping's house (with Boon Tiong, of course) later to reinstall her Windows... Too much spyware. Lol... :(.

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