Kitaro - Koi

Kitaro's Koi is a really soothing and peaceful piece of music. If you want to hear it, drop me a message on MSN and I'll send you ^_^. Anyway, nothing really much happened yesterday... I woke up around 3pm, after getting a call from Andrew to play soccer in school. Slowly prepared, had some food, and left house around 4.30pm. Reached school around 5pm, and played till 7pm or so... :). Went to KFC after that with Andrew, Roy, and Rayhan, and ate the Orietal Salad, AGAIN. No appetite, no idea why. Played Outrun after that, and didn't win a single time. Lol :(.

Anyway, I just want to write about some stuffs... Damn. Listening to Koi is bad :(. Makes me think of unhappy stuffs. I do that everytime I'm at peace. Lol. Just going to rant about some stuffs, directed at no one in particular, everyone in general.

Some people are so damn fake, and they don't even realise it. They've to put on a mask all the time. When mixing with people from a particular clique, they behave in a completely different way when mixing with yet another clique. For fuck's sake, be yourself. It's so fake. Then there're also those who behave like idiots all the time, so people can laugh along with them. I respect that, if you truly do that just to make your friends happy. But what about yourself? You behave like this, yet you post completely DIFFERENT stuffs on your blog. Please, I'm not blind, just short-sighted.

Then there're also friends of mine who go around breaking girls' hearts, time and again. They say they want to change, but I don't see any effort at all. All you can do is sweettalk, win her heart over, then break it. Fun? The girl is suffering in silence. In spite of the pain, she still wishes you well, asks how you are all the time. While she's doing all that, you go around chasing another girl. Diving in and out of relationships is fun, eh? You give love a bad name, seriously. I treat you as a friend, time and again, I talked to you about it. Have some fucking respect for others. Destroying someone else's faith in love. What's the use of having a relationship when you aren't even sure of anything? Curiosity? Someday that curiosity will kill you, as the saying goes. And love is surely blind. Those who are being sweettalked to don't even realise how shallow the love is, if there is even any love at all. Lust is the word, not love. Just admit you fucking like his/her looks. Nothing else. There're many others caring for you out there, but you don't even care. You only pay attention to those you're interested in, and when you get rejected, you fall back on your friends. BE THANKFUL your friends are there. They shouldn't be there. Not when you neglect them like this. Conscience... Where's yours? For every heart you break, you end up hurting and making everyone around her worry. Just to add to your collection of "ex-girlfriends". But deep down inside you're weak. Weaker than I can ever be. Because you can't even be yourself. For every different girl you chase, you put on a different mask. So who the fuck are you?

Was talking to Joven online just now and he's really down right now :(. Hope he cheers up soon... ^_^.

Anyway, I've been listening to Roxette's Vulnerable recently... Here're the lyrics...

Everywhere I look I see her smile
Her absent-minded eyes
And she has kept me wondering for so long
How this thing could go wrong.

It seems to me that we are both the same
Playing the same game
But as darkness falls this true love falls apart
Into a riddle of her heart.

She's so vulnerable, like china in my hands
She's so vulnerable and I don't understand
I could never hurt the one I love
She's all I've got
But she's so vulnerable
Oh so vulnerable.

Days like these no one should be alone
No heart should hide away
Her touch is gently conquering my mind
There's nothing words can say.

She's coloured all the secrets of my soul
I've whispered all my dreams
But just as nighttime falls this vision falls apart
Into a riddle of her heart, yea.

She's so vulnerable, like china in my hands
She's so vulnerable and I don't understand
I could never hurt someone I love
She's all I've got
But she's so vulnerable
Oh so vulnerable.

Don't hide your eyes...

Source: http://www.seeklyrics.com/lyrics/ROXETTE/Vulnerable.html

Alright, time to go. Good night everyone :). Teenage Mutant Ninja Bunny! Lol :P.

Edit: Title changed from KITATO to KITARO. Sorry. Thanks to Kelvin for noticing.

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