Examination Results

Just got back my results. Sigh. Two B+ to spoil everything for me... :(. Anyway, good luck to everyone else! To those taking supplementary papers, don't give up! Work hard for them and pass, then next year we all can slack together again :D. Today's work at Acer was very fun. I spent most of the time playing N, and pausing it when people called in. Even Eric asked me what game it was. Lol. He was saying that it's good to relieve stress. MACLEAN sucks at N. He's stuck at Episode 1 Level 0 for like forever. For your info, the game starts from Episode 0, with each episode having 5 Levels (0 to 4). I played till Episode 4 Level 4 today, before I got tired. After all, I'm already at Episode 7 Level 3 (on my personal computer). Maclean sucks though. He takes 20 minutes to pass each level :P. Alright, his computer sucks too. Jerky like hell.

Shit of the day: Got a call from Roy telling me Singapore just banned the usage of BitTorrent... WTF... Trying to find news on it now.

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