Idiotic Me

Fuck. I quarrelled with my mother yesterday over the stupidest of things. Feel like shit now. Damn. My father gave me $50 yesterday, so I could buy a 5ft barbell. So off I went to buy, with Tiong Guan. I've no idea what my sister told my mother, but the next thing I know, my mother gave me a call and scolded me for wasting money and stuff, and for asking money from my father time and again... I didn't even have a chance to explain anything. My parents are divorced, and I've no idea why my mother doesn't like it when I ask money from my father. I seldom do that, yet :(. Maybe she still cares for my father. Probably. Anyway, I ended up shouting at her over the phone. Sigh. My fucking temper... Ended up not talking to her for a night. As usual, I'm still awake, and it's like 7am already. She just woke up, and we barely talked. She's already under a lot of pressure from working and stuff, and I just added to it. FUCK.

Anyway, the barbell itself weights 9kg to 10kg or something I think. Add around 20kg of weights to it and it's around 30kg. Very nice for doing bicep curls. Working out really relieves a lot of stress, much better than punching walls. I used to do stupid things all the time when I'm down. Burn stuffs up, punch the walls. But it's stupid. You will ask yourself why later on. On the other hand, working out helps you improve yourself. Fitness and health. I've to make full use of my weights, to show my mother I'm not wasting money ^_^.

My mother just left for work. She talked to me. Yay. Currently talking to Hilmi on MSN Messenger. He also down :(. Been a long time since I talked to him. Alright, guess I got to go now. See you all around. Take care! Like the new music? Soothing right?

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