I'm Really Bored

Damn... Been doing nothing but sleeping this week. Haven't been working out as much as I would like to. Night becomes day, and day becomes night. Lol. Sleeping at all the wrong times... Haha. Vampire, right? :P HEHE.

I got Counter-Strike: Source recently, and have been playing it on my really crappy Radeon 9000 Pro :(. Thankfully, the rest of my system are good enough to sustain playable frame rates, but it's at really low resolutions... Anyway, I'm selling away my completely unopened XBox for 200 or so dollars, and was planning to buy more weights with the money. Then the idea of using the money to buy either a Radeon 9500 Pro, or a 9600 Pro came into my mind. But Tiong Guan played the game on his 9600 Pro and he says he doesn't exactly get good framerates too. Sigh :(. Should I buy weights, or get a new graphics card? /me ponders...

Anyway, I spent last night updating the BIOS and drivers and stuff in my computer. Flashed my BIOS to the latest one (ABit NF7 Revision 1.2), and I got a shock. The stupid diskette I used was spoilt somehow, and luckily, it happened just before the "flashing" began. So I got a new diskette, and managed to update it in the end :D. If that diskette were to spoil while updating the BIOS, I would have to go down to Sim Lim today or something... Phew! Updated my nForce drivers, and Radeon drivers too. Damn, I still can't run my computer at 200FSB, wondering if it's due to the memory or the graphics card. I changed both of these at the same time, and before that I was running at 220FSB. Since then, I can only run at 166FSB :(. Anything above that SEEMS to work fine, until I load some games. It'll then hang, for sure :(. Anyway, it's been a long time since I actually bothered about my computer, so last night was sort of fun.

I think I seriously got to start working soon, running really short of cash... :(. I think I'll get my examination results next week... Wish me and my friends good luck, or you'll fail yours :P. Lol ^_^.

Hope Gregory's doing fine too. Although he usually take things lightly, I'm sure this is hard on him too :(. The phucktards will be there for you dude. I mean, the CENT people :D. Cheer up!

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